About Us


When developing this school, we wanted to provide a place for children that also provided several benefits. We wanted to create a supportive, inclusive environment for families – a home-away-from-home that is a high quality power-source for children’s growth and development.

Orangefield Child Development Center & Learning Studio has a program that builds on our relationships with families, individuals, and community partners so that we can meet the unique needs of every child and family. Our program combines our quality early care and education (ECE) services with parent education to ensure that Orangefield supports diverse family needs.

Our mission is to provide the individual interaction, personalized care, learning, exploration, and play that are essential components of an effective ECE experience so that children develop the cognitive, communicative, and interpersonal skills necessary to succeed in school while enjoying their time in a physically safe setting.



Orangefield's curriculum is based upon research on child development and early childhood experiences. It is designed to provide children from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds with the interactions, opportunities, and experiences that will help them reach their full potential in all developmental domains: physical, cognitive, language, emotional, and social.

Orangefield is committed to having well-prepared, effective teachers who are able to design and implement a challenging program that provides guidance for children while encouraging children’s exploration and accommodating individualization from all different backgrounds. Our teachers will accomplish these goals by developing a variety of engaging, hands-on activities, participating in children’s play to encourage inventiveness and communication, and carefully adjusting the difficulty of each activity to correspond to individual children’s capabilities.



We want our parents to be part of our program.  Children’s learning comes from a partnership between teachers and family members.  We encourage our parents to be involved in our program either by assisting a teacher, participating on our childcare advisory board or by communicating their ideas and suggestions.  

We want you to be part of our Orangefield family